Our Success Rate Speaks For Our Quality Service in Tracking People

Background Checks
Now you never have to worry again about losing a case due to a missing defendant or missing out on their information. With the help of our experts we go far and beyond to figure out your defendant with the most accurate and current information possible and complete all background checks pertaining to your case.

Skip tracing

Skip tracing has always been an important part of legal investigation and that’s why, our experts resort to even the most challenging of levels to perform their best. We use the latest technology and information driven by our investigators to look into the matter rather than just copying a database and forwarding you the list. Our skilled investigators have the ability of tracking down people to the core and complete all background checks. Due to the hard work of our team and highly standardized performance, we are able to achieve a successful rate of tracking defendants. Our trackers are all experts in their local area and can quickly track your defendant down in any borough or neighborhood. Most local services can be attempted within 24 hours of receipt.

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