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At Medlock Process Server and Notary Public we have a team of professionals who will assist in the service of process by ensuring that legal/court documents get to the proper recipient who are being summoned or subpoena to court whether it be because of divorce, child custody and/or support, lawsuit, garnishment, some type of claim, etc.
We have an extensive staff of experienced professional civil process servers who will handle your project with urgency and attention to detail. Your court deadline is near? Don’t worry, our servers are to the rescue. We do urgent projects within 24 hours.


  • Routine Service of Process . . . . . Minimum of 3 attempts within 7 days (excluding Sunday)
  • 72-Hour Service of Process . . . . Minimum of 3 attempts within 3 days (excluding Sunday)
  • 24-Hour Service of Process . . . . .Minimum of 3 attempts within 1 day (excluding Sunday)
  • Same Day Service of Process . . .Minimum of 1 attempts within the minimum of 8 hours
  • All Service of Process includes a signed and notarized Affidavit of Service or Non-Service.
  • Completed affidavits will be emailed and mailed within 48 hours of completion.
  • SkipTracing is included but there will be a additional fee upon request to attempt new address.

Service Features

  • Send and Receive documents via mail, email, courier, fax, or online (via ServeManager)
  • Begin the process within the time frame you requested
  • Automatic updates of attempts via email throughout the process
  • Generated affidavits with Type of Service, date, time, and description of all attempts.
  • Service of Process can be ordered via phone, email,, or by clicking link below.
  • Invoice can be paid via card or check by website, check by mail, or “Pay Now” button on Invoice.

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