A notary is a person who is authorized to perform legal formalities which include getting contracts and deeds certified along with various other documents which may or may not be in other jurisdictions.

Mobile Notary
Medlock Process Server & Notary offers licensed mobile notaries who move at your convenience from one place to another and perform efficient notarial services. These mobile notaries perform tasks that pertain to real estate, mortgage transactions and various other services that are prescribed by our statutory laws.

Loan Signing Agent
Along with mobile notaries, we also offer the services of loan signing agents whose services are even more complex and challenging than the mobile notaries since they have to go through a lot more documentation processes than the mobile notaries. Loan Signing Agents at Medlock Process Server & Notary are far more efficient and well-trained than any others that you get to deal with in town. Our agents are license holders and possess the legal permit for the services they render. They know loan documents well and are absolutely capable of providing you with the best loan signing services ever!

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